Blessed Momma Bosses

01 - Our Mom Boss Story & What is a Mom Boss?

Episode Summary

Welcome to Blessed Momma Bosses podcast, our very first episode! Hi, we are your hosts, Blair Critch and Kellie Hoover, and we are on a mission to help moms manage their personal and professional lives without losing their mind. Ready? Let's get started...

Episode Notes

Hey Mom, there is so much for us to do each and every day as a boss, a wife, a mom, a friend, and a daughter, do you ever feel like at the end of the day, you just didn't get it all done? Maybe you're feeling stressed or that you have no time for yourself. Well, we feel you. We want to support and help you, as that working mom, as that busy mom, we are passionate about helping you find your success and freedom.And here is what you can expect out of this podcast. We are going to show up every week for you. We are going to give you tips, ideas and strategies that you can take action on right away, supporting you in  all areas of your life, from business, family to self-care, and more... 

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